The 15th China Cup sailing competition successfully concluded
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        On the evening of November 6th, the 15th China Cup Sailing Competition ended successfully in Dapeng, Shenzhen. Under the blue sea and blue sky of Daya Bay, more than 1,200 competitors from more than 200 fleets from more than 30 countries and regions fought fiercely for five days to determine the champions of each group.


        Zhang Hua, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen City, Zhang Xiaodong, Chairman of China Sailing Association, Yang Hai, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, Zeng Xianglai, Director of Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Meng Jinjin, Director of Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee, Wang Zhiqiang, a researcher (municipal management) of Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee, Wu Bo, Deputy director of Shenzhen Dapeng New District Management Committee, Yang Jianli, Director of Guangdong Offshore Project Training Center, Zhong Yong, Deputy Secretary General of China Cup Sailing Competition Organizing Committee, leaders of relevant functional departments of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, leaders of relevant functional departments of Dapeng New District Management Committee, Leaders of the Central Office in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Customs, Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration, Shenzhen Entry-Exit Border Inspection General Station, Dapeng Customs, Daya Bay Maritime Safety Administration, Yantian Entry-exit Border Inspection Station and sponsor representatives Guo Liang, Vice President of Zhenjiu Lidu Group and General manager of Guizhou Zhenjiu Wine Industry, Shu Man, Vice President of Zhenjiu Lidu Group and general manager of Promotion Division, Zhen Wine vice general manager and brand center director attended the closing ceremony and award party in the early morning.


The champions gathered together and the competitive level of the China Cup continued to improve

        Zhang Xiaodong believes that this year's China Cup sailing competition combines sailing competition and Marine culture, making the event bright: "The world sailing champions gathered in Shenzhen, the competitive level of China Cup continues to improve; The Chinese traditional sailing model exhibition,whale and dolphin protection public welfare activities were carried out, so that While enjoying world-class sailing competitions, the public strengthened their awareness of cultural inheritance and environmental protection. "The China Cup Sailing Competition has not only become an indispensable part of the beautiful scenery every year, but also played a positive role in promoting the development of Shenzhen's maritime industry and building Shenzhen into a global Marine center city."


        Zhang Hua said at the closing ceremony that Shenzhen Municipal Government attaches great importance to the development of sports, and strives to create a pattern of major international events, top professional events, self-owned brand events, mass sports events and other features, interactive event system, with Shenzhen speed and Shenzhen quality, to build an internationally famous sports city. "We sincerely hope that the China Cup Sailing Race will further innovate the concept of organizing the race, optimize the project setting, improve the operation quality, expand the public welfare of the race, constantly stimulate the public's love for sailing and yearning for seaside life, and help Shenzhen to build an internationally famous sports city and a global ocean center city."


Inspire young people to embrace the blue ocean and enjoy sports

        At the awards party, leaders and guests presented awards to the top three winners in each group of the China Cup Sailing Competition. After the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Rally, 8 rounds of track race and long voyage race, Yangtze River Sailing Club, Shenzhen Sea Wolves Team, Taiji Team, Zhongshan Team, Aegean Sailing Club and FIVE OCEANS Team, PeinaWonsea Women's Sailing team and Qingdao Boat Song Team won the gold MEDALS in each category.


        The competition was very competitive. The participation of professional players such as Xu Lijia, Chen Peina, Zhang Dongshuang, Lu Yunxiu and Bi Kun further enhanced the enjoyment of the competition. The wonderful scenes made the audience enjoy themselves. The young sailors from more than 20 cities in 13 provinces participated in 5 events of the China Cup Youth Group and competed against the waves in the waters of Daya Bay. The scenes of encouraging each other and improving together were also very impressive.


        Li Quanhai, president of the World Sailing Federation, praised the event via message. He said that the China Cup, which has been held for 15 years, has achieved a leading position in international sailing sports and strongly promoted the progress of sailors and the level of competitions in the Asian region. He believes that more and more Shenzhen citizens, especially more young people, have begun to participate in sailing and become an important force for sailing in the future. Young people are the future and hope of world sailing, and it is an important task of the World Sailing Federation to inspire the young generation of sailors. I hope more and more young people will embrace the ocean and enjoy the joy of sports.


        After the award ceremony, the competitors bid farewell, and we all have the same expectation in our hearts -- to compete again in the China Cup competition next year.