The 14th China Cup has determined the ranking of each group, and the contestants are scheduled to clap their hands at the end of the year
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The blue sky and blue sea reveal the graceful demeanor of a woman. On March 24, the 14th China Cup Regatta held its first race day, with 100 fleets competing in Daya Bay. At around 3 pm, all participating fleets returned home to gather their sails and stroll along the pier and pier. Multiple fleets composed of all female team members are particularly eye-catching. This year's China Cup Sailing Competition has seen a significant increase in the number of all women's fleets, and "her strength" is rising on the sailing field.

Chen Peina, who has won two world championships, a silver medal in the Rio Olympic Games, and a gold medal in the Jakarta Asian Games, will attract many eyes every time she comes to the dock, and the shutter sound will never stop.

Chen Peina has been a guest to the China Cup twice, this time she is the captain of Chen Peina's METASEA women's sailing team. In this team, there are also strong members, such as World Sailing champion Zhang Dongshuang and national sailing champion Yuan Rubei, who took part in the competition of Fayi 23R group. The first day of the competition gave Chen Peina an addiction: "The China Cup is the largest international event in China's sailing sport. This time, I finally participated as an athlete. I felt totally different, more involved and more meaningful."

Although female athletes are not superior in strength and weight, they can also leverage their strengths and avoid weaknesses, and leverage their strengths. Chen Peina said frankly: "Women athletes are relatively more delicate in mind, more tacit in cooperation, more careful in observation, and have different advantages in handling details."

"The goal is to win the championship." This is the goal of Chen Peina and her teammates. The first day of the competition fully demonstrated the competitiveness of this women's fleet. This is our first time working together. The first two rounds are still running in, and the ship's speed is not ideal, so we won third place. However, we have made up for our shortcomings in terms of technical and tactical skills, especially in the last round when we made adjustments and found a feeling that they crossed the line in the first place. Currently, they are only 2 points away from the top of the group.

More and more women are participating in the sailing sport. Yuan Rubei, Chen Peina's teammate, said, "In the past, people thought that sailing required hard work, so there are more male athletes. Now the sailing sport is going to the public, and people have a deeper understanding of the project. Power is not decisive, so more and more people are participating, including more female friends. This is also a highlight of this event.

Compared with Professional sports, the Shenzhen Sailing Ruide Women's Sailing Team and the Qianjin Team, which are composed of sailing enthusiasts, value the emotional value of sailing more. Li Sujuan, captain of Shenzhen Sail Red Women's Sailing Team, said frankly: "Although we must hope to get good results in the competition, we still enjoy it. It's better to be happy, especially with sisters." All the crew members of the Qianjin Team come from Shanghai, and they came together out of their love for sailing ships and concluded a profound friendship of sisters.

Since the establishment of the China Cup Sailing Competition, efforts have been made to promote women's participation in the fields of sailing and navigation. As more and more women's fleets and athletes bloom in the Chinese Cup, the "her strength" in sailing competitions will become increasingly important.

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