The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally kicked off the 15th China Cup Regatta
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        Sailing Race, My Heart Flies! At 9 o 'clock on November 2, the 15th China Cup Hong Kong Shenzhen Rally set sail in Hong Kong, which kicked off the competition. The weather was perfect. The wind stayed at 9 to 11 knots for most of the day, with the maximum wind reaching 12 knots.  Many teams took advantage of this good wind to finish the race early. In the end, TT team won the HKPN one-day champion, HAPPY GO won the IRC one-day champion, and the Hong KongShenzhen Rally Crossing prize was won by the China Cup "Old Friend" Zyi.


        It was three years after the China Cup regatta held the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally again, attracting many old friends to sign up for the event. Hong Kong Yacht Club sailing team member Edward Yip said: "This China Cup started from the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally. We have seen  many familiar foreign teams and the competition is very fierce. I think the whole race will be very interesting."


        Compared with previous races, this year's Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally has changed from a group start to a unified start, and the scene of the thousand sailing competition is very spectacular. On the day of the race, the "Self-reliance" led by Pang Hui, the leader of Asian sailing, the leader of Chinese sailing and the honorary consultant for life of China Cup Sailing Race, took the lead and crossed the finish line first and won the "crossing Line Award". However, due to the large coefficient of "Zili", it failed to win the championship of the day after correcting the results. The HAPPY GO sailing team in the same group as the "Self-reliance" won the one-day championship of the IRC group because of the smaller coefficient of the boat race and the good results in the rally. The TT team won the HKPN Group one-day championship.


        Taking part in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally again after three years, Yan Yuye, captain of Shenzhen Seawolves, sighed: "The competition has really become a lot more intense, and there is some pressure. Today's race wind is good,But the waves were a little rough at the start, which affected our smaller boat a lot. I hope you can keep up your good form and try to finish in the top three in this race."


        As for the long-lost Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally, many players said they had a good time. Patrick Yam, Captain of Baby Beluga of the Hong Kong team, said, "Our team is an old fan of the China Cup. As soon as we knew that the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Rally would resume this year, we signed up for it. The first day of the race was very good. The weather was very good. The wind stayed at around 10 knots all the way, which is good for sailing."


        From November 3, the China Cup regatta will enter the field competition. According to the latest weather report, the wind may become lighter on that day, and the competitors may face the challenge of light wind.